Trauma on an individual level will manifest signs of severe anxiety, depression and isolation. When one thinks about trauma on a national level the symptoms are not very far apart from the individual. This is because a nation is actually composed of individuals. It is difficult for one to inoculate himself from events that swirl in his social space.

One of the chief characteristics of the traumatized individual is his/her emotional numbness. A kind of psychological immunization is deposited into the human psyche once a traumatic experience has been inculcated. When danger is approaching this person is so desensitized he/she may not hear the warning sirens sounding off inside her head. This is the reason victims often continue to remain victims. In a very real sense, his/her intuition is damaged.

In his book, The Gift of Fear, Gavin De beck goes into detail explaining this phenomenon and sites many examples that differentiate between a faulty intuition and a fully functional one. De Beck makes it clear that real intuition has a scientific basis and isn’t just based on feelings. If one’s logic has been wounded through trauma he/she will have difficulty recognizing danger when it approaches.

The bulk of the damage stems from emotional frailty, and excessive self doubt. One must be confident in his own logic and thinking to effectively utilize his God given intuition. This does require faith, but it is rational faith.

The Gift of Fear is a brilliant piece of work and excellently written. One example I will site from the book to illustrate the difference between faulty and healthy judgment. De Beck tells the story of a women who  entered her apartment complex late one afternoon. Little known to her, she was being stalked. After getting inside the door with her groceries, a man emerged from out of no where right on her heels. She was startled and dropped one of her bags.

When she bent over to pick up her items that had spilled, he immediately inserted himself into her space and offered to  help pick up the groceries. When she refused, he told her she shouldn’t be so prideful, and allow herself to take his help. The more she tried to refuse, the more he insisted.

She felt so guilty about not taking this kind man’s offer, she let him assist, and even went so far as to allow him into her apartment. He was very clever in his manipulation and effectively used guilt as his vehicle for entry into her private world. What happens next is a very frightening scenario.

No sooner than he put the bag down on the table, he grabbed her and dragged her back to the bedroom, and raped her. At this point, her intuition became fully functional. When he was finished, he got up and shut the window near her bed and said he needed a drink of water from the kitchen and would return in a minute.

The intruder closing the window sent the intuitive message that he was about to murder her and did not want anyone to hear the noise. She tells the story of being right on his heels while he walked into the kitchen without him even knowing she was there. When he turned to enter the kitchen, that was when she exited the apartment door on the opposite side. She called the police and when they arrived, of course, he was gone.

I believe we are witnessing emotional carnage that has never been seen in the generations of yester year, very similar to what this women experienced on an individual level. Due to the all out assault on our American values, I fear that many Americans are traumatized, and have become emotionally numb to the drum beat of danger. The difference is, unlike the woman I just described,  I don’t think many Americans’ intuition has yet awakened.

However, all is not lost, like the woman whose intuition was awakened through a life experience, so America’s logic can be recovered through  traumatic life experiences. I had a friend of mine who always took the moral high ground with divorce and re-marriage. He was dead set against it until his wife divorced him, then, all of a sudden, divorce and re-marriage met with his moral approval.

Still, another example unfolds when a friend of mine who was happily married, used to frequently remind me that all I needed was God, and did not need anyone else, until he went through a nasty divorce, then suddenly, God was not all sufficient for his needs either. He became deeply lonely, and depressed. His intuition became keenly sharp after that experience, and he was able to sense other people’s suffering. As I have written before, you never know what it is like until you walk a mile in a man’s shoes.

The disarmed intuitive process is most likely due to the slow rise in traumatic events occurring in the country over a long span of time . I don’t need to site the evidence of our socially depleted country. The examples are readily available for the reader to find. There is a concept called critical point phenomenon, and when applied to drug addiction, it shows a slow sneaky rise over a long span of time followed by a disasterous high rise over a short span of time, with a sudden plummet to the bottom.

America has not yet plummeted to the bottom, but we may be caught in a vortex of the slow sneaky high rise to the top without knowing it.

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